Minh Pham
Ryu62 - Art of Minh P.
Illustrator, Animator, Freelancer, Gamer

Ryu62 - Art of Minh P.

Illustrator, Animator, Freelancer, Gamer


About Me

I'm an artist and gamer from Ottawa, Ontario currently enrolled as a Sheridan College graduate and currently a 3D Character Animator.
My passion and love is creating characters and worlds that tell awesome stories. When not I'm not focusing on school I spend countless hours in study and research through a digital medium called "video games."
I also work part time as a freelance artist doing illustrations, simple or elaborate iPhone games, or whatever comes my way.
My ultimate goal is to eventually create games and stories that are compelling and fun to enjoy. Thus, through my art I hope to share my vision with the world.


Birthdate: May 26, 1988
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Field: CG Animation and Art
Current Status: Student
Tools of Trade: Pencils, Photoshop, Maya
Interests: Game Cut-Scene and Design, CG Animator/Artist, Conceptual Artist
Available for Work: Yes - Freelance/Contract/Perminent

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